5 Top Tips for Profitable Retail Fit Out!

When it comes to exciting and profitable retail spaces, Creative Design Shop experts and craftsmen are dedicated to designing bespoke layouts for your stores. So many store owners and designers forget that store layout is integral to improving profit. In fact, research by the Australian Retailers’ Association reports that your store layout can direct influence profits. However, the same research shows customers are turned off by overcrowded aisles, and poorly presented stock. So join us as we discuss our top 5 tips for profitable retail fit out!

Profitable Retail Fit Out

Tip One – Use Store Layout to Attract New Customers!

Improve shop design can entice new customers to your store over the competition. Further research from the Australian Retailer’s Association shows that in store design and fit out is critical to retaining existing customers and encouraging new customers.

Tip Two – First Impressions Count!

The exterior of your shop is the window to the world. You need to ensure, as a result, that it presents the face of your store in the best possible light. To that end, CDS specialists help you design signage and window display spaces for high impact installations that are easily and regularly refreshed.

Tip Three – Keep it Alive Once Customers are Inside!

Now that you’ve gotten customers in the store, you need to keep them there by delivering a positive experience. Specialist fit out designers like CDS can provide bespoke lighting, fitting, fixtures and finishes to enhance a sense of welcome for your customers and encourage a willingness to buy.

Tip Four – Create Big Impact on a Modest Budget!Profitable Retail Fit Out

Updating your retail fit out doesn’t have to break the bank. Easy, affordable improvements can deliver fast and effective benefits. These improvements can include:

  • A new colour scheme
  • Updated signage and bespoke joinery
  • Changes to store layout
  • Positioning and Displaying products for high customer appeal
  • Replacing tired or out-of-date flooring
  • Updating lighting

Tip Five – Take the Modular Approach for Profitable Retail Fit Out

This new era in retailing has changed our approaches to merchandising. It is a whole new, faster ball game and you need to stay on your toes to remain current. As a result, modular fittings are a great way to inject flexibility to your store design and fit out. This means you can change and reconfigure your layout regularly. Try considering signage options that can be regularly refreshed without huge expense.

Retail is an exciting, ever-changing environment. Hence you need to keep up or fall behind. Insider Retailing claims, “Retailers invariably find that sales are increased when a store is upgraded, often by a factor of around 20%”. So if you find sales might be dropping, or foot traffic through your store has decreased, consider our tips for redesigning your store. If you have a new retail project – or you want to refresh your existing store, call CDS today. We offer free site visits that allow us to better help you with your exciting retail journey!